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  1. Medical research has evolved from individual expert-described opinions and techniques to scientifically designed methodology-based studies. There are different study designs, and selecting an appropriate study...

    Authors: Ahmed Galal
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2023 38:8
  2. The polymorphous low-grade neuroepithelial tumor of young (PLNTY) is considered as one among the low-grade neuroepithelial tumor; as per WHO-2021 classification of Brain Tumors in the fifth edition. The term P...

    Authors: Vijay Joshi, Meghana V. Chougule, Anand Mudkanna, Rakesh Kumar Mishra, Ved Prakash Maurya and Amit Agrawal
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2023 38:7
  3. Despite the great innovations in the neuroendovascular techniques and related materials, there are still notable percentages of recurrent cerebral aneurysms after aneurysm coiling. Aneurysm packing density is ...

    Authors: Hany A. Fikry Eldawoody, Mohamed Mostafa Aziz and Safwat Abouhashem
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2023 38:5
  4. Lumboperitoneal (LP) shunting is an effective treatment option aiming at cerebrospinal fluid diversion in cases of idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Confirming the distal end position, on the other hand, c...

    Authors: Ahmed Alawamry, Essam M. Youssef, Ahmed Ali Morsy, Hassan Ashour and Mohamed A. Samir
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2023 38:4
  5. Trigeminal neuralgia (TGN) is a facial pain disorder often caused by arterial compression of the trigeminal nerve. Microvascular decompression (MVD) remains the most definitive treatment for this disorder, wit...

    Authors: Ahmed B. Abougamil, Tamer Ibrahim Metwaly, Osama Ahmed Deif and Wael Khedr
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2023 38:3
  6. The sacropelvis is not only an anatomically complex region but also a biomechanically unique zone transferring axial weights via the transitional lumbosacral junction and the pelvic girdle to the lower appendi...

    Authors: Essam M. Youssef
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2023 38:2
  7. The medical-patient relationship is facing pollution of information all over the internet, for physician and patients is becoming tougher to keep updated with the highest quality of information. During the las...

    Authors: Alexis Narvaez-Rojas, Mohamed M. Arnaout, Samer S. Hoz, Amit Agrawal, Angel Lee, Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar and Harsh Deora
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:40
  8. The aim of the study is to use ultrasound to get maximal lesion resection without doing harm to the brain tissue in the absence of neuronavigation system in neurovascular cases as AVM and cavernoma.

    Authors: Ibrahim M. S. El-Tantawy, Mohammed A. Kassem, Ashraf A. El-Badry and Khaled M. AbdElwahab
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:39
  9. Occult spinal dysraphism involves a wide range of congenital anomalies, e.g., lipoma, Lipomeningomyelocele, congenital dermal sinus, etc. Occult spinal dysraphism also may present with a wide spectrum of clini...

    Authors: Ahmad Elsabaa, Mohamed Ashraf Mahmoud, Mohamed Nosseir, Mohamed Wael S. Mahmoud and Mohamed Mostafa Aziz
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:38
  10. Subdural collections, following brain surgeries in pediatrics, are common and unfortunately not always easily treated; especially in huge parenchymal tumors, intraventricular tumors and paraventricular tumors....

    Authors: Abdelrahman Magdy Elhabashy, Ahmed Abdelaziz Fayed and Wael M. Khedr
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:37
  11. Lumboperitoneal (LP) shunts have been described as a safe and effective option for idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). However, it had many complications, including migration. Herein, we report our exp...

    Authors: Mohammad Fekry Elshirbiny, Hatem Badr, Assem ahmed, Samer serag and Amr farid Khalil
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:36
  12. Stereotactic cryoablation is a minimally invasive surgical technique that has been used to treat disorders of the brain in the past; however, in current practice, it is primarily used for the treatment of live...

    Authors: Arun Angelo Patil and Jared de Joya
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:35
  13. Meningiomas are common primary brain neoplasms. CD44 is a cell surface glycoprotein receptor that is involved in matrix-mediated cell signaling and cell–matrix adhesion. Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) play...

    Authors: Ahmed Abd Esattar Abd Elhakeem, Abdelhakeem A. Essa, Radwa Kamel Soliman and Ali Rabee Kamel Hamdan
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:33
  14. The differentiation by means of magnetic resonance between high-grade gliomas and intracranial solitary single metastasis is of the utmost importance since they condition both surgical and complementary treatm...

    Authors: Alejandra Arévalo-Sáenz, Gregorio Rodríguez-Boto Amago and Manuel Pedrosa Sánchez
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:34
  15. The incidence of multiple aneurysms was 10.7–34% of CA. Multiple associated factors were found; hypertension was the most significant one and others like advancing age and female sex were also documented. The ...

    Authors: Mohamed Adel Deniwar
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:26

    The Correction to this article has been published in Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2023 38:26

  16. Pilocytic astrocytomas are the most common primary brain tumors in children. Most of the lesions occur in or near the midline. They are rare in extra-axial locations.

    Authors: Pranjal Bhradwaj, Sharad Pandey, Pankaj Kumar, L. N. Gupta and Minakshi Bharadwaj
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:27
  17. Cerebellopontine angle tumor (CPA) in pediatrics is rare as compared to adults. We describe a case of pediatric pilocytic astrocytoma presented as a right CPA mass with a concurrent clinical diagnosis of neuro...

    Authors: Zaitun Zakaria, Raja Zubaidah Raja Mohd Rasi and Noor Azman A. Rahman
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:28
  18. Spondylodiscitis is infections of the intervertebral disc and adjacent vertebral body with insidious onset. These infections are primarily haematogenous in origin. Early spinal infections after posterior spina...

    Authors: Yunus Kurtulus, Ozan Baskurt, Ahmed Yasin Yavuz and Idris Avci
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:29
  19. Various complications of endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) have been described. One has to recognize these complications and learn how to avoid them.

    Authors: Ahmed A. Farag, Faisal A. Asiri, Mohamed A. Khoudir, Mofareh Ismaeel, Waeel Hamouda, Islam M. Alaghory and Rana H. Moshref
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:31
  20. Despite emerging techniques, sample inadequacy remains the most important factor that necessitates need for repeat biopsy. Transpedicular Biopsy has diagnostic accuracy ranging from 75 to 90% in both computed ...

    Authors: Ajay Krishnan, Nandan Marathe, Devanand Degulmadi, Shivanand Mayi, Ravi Ranjan Rai, Shiv Kumar Bali, Vatsal Parmar, Prathan Amin, Mirant Dave and Bharat R. Dave
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:32
  21. Glioblastomas are the most common and highly malignant primary brain tumors in adults with a median survival of 15 months even with appropriate treatment. Extracranial metastases are extremely rare due to the ...

    Authors: Ozan Baskurt, Yunus Kurtulus, Ahmed Yasin Yavuz and İdris Avci
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:25
  22. Microvascular decompression surgery for trigeminal neuralgia is now considered the benchmark surgical procedure for intractable trigeminal neuralgia of any variety. The objective of this study is to share our ...

    Authors: Ahmed B. Abougamil, Tarek Rayan and Wael Khedr
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:24
  23. Non-missile impalement spine injuries are quite uncommon. Most of these patients either present with impaling agent in situ or with a part of retained offending agent. Both the scenarios present unique managem...

    Authors: Hardik Lalit Siroya, Mohit Juneja, Anirudh J. Rao, Sonal Chauhan, Dhananjaya Ishwar Bhat and Bhagavatula Indira Devi
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:22
  24. The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have significantly altered many aspects of the health care services. We investigated the impact of the restrictive measures during the pandemic on the volume a...

    Authors: Mohamed Nabil, Mohammed Dorrah, Asmaa Sharfeldin and Hassan Abaza
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:23
  25. In recent years, smaller-sized (diameter < 2.5 cm) meningiomas are diagnosed due to increased cranial imaging. Symptomatic meningiomas need to be removed surgically. Therefore, it is extremely important to loc...

    Authors: Rui Zhang, Serdar Alpdogan, Shiqi Kong and Sajjad Muhammad
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:18
  26. The proper decompression for hemicraniectomy depends on intraoperative surgical technique, so the skin incision, on the other hand, is an important variable throughout hemicraniectomy, and there are a variety ...

    Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Eltabl, Ahmed Shawki Ammar and Dalia Salah Saif
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:16
  27. Degeneration of the central nervous system (CNS), also known as neurodegeneration, describes an age-associated progressive loss of the structure and function of neuronal materials, leading to functional and me...

    Authors: Lourdes Hanna, Edward Poluyi, Chibuikem Ikwuegbuenyi, Eghosa Morgan and Grace Imaguezegie
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:15
  28. Spinal metastases are a classic complication of lung cancer. New palliative treatment modalities have emerged. Among them are minimally invasive approaches such as balloon kyphoplasty. With the aim of evaluati...

    Authors: Mohameth Faye, Louncény Fatoumata Barry, El Hadji Cheikh Ndiaye Sy, Jean-Marc Kaya, Moussa Diallo, Roger Mulumba Ilunga, Daouda Wague, Yakhya Cisse, Izoudine Blaise Koumare and Pierre Hugues Roche
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:13
  29. Posterior fossa malformations are less common than supratentorial malformations, but hemorrhages in posterior fossa are more serious due to presence of vital structures within this region. Most common cause of...

    Authors: S. Vignesh, Surya Nandan Prasad, Vivek Singh, Zafar Neyaz, R. V. Phadke, Anant Mehrotra and Prabhakar Mishra
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:12
  30. Congenital spinal pedicle agenesis is rare. The majority of cases are asymptomatic. Few present with either low back pain or radiculopathy. Pedicle screw insertion may pose difficulties in view of abnormal ana...

    Authors: Bharat Dave, Devanand Degulmadi, Ajay Krishnan, Shivanand Mayi, RaviRanjan Rai, Aditya Raj and Umesh Meena
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:11
  31. Vertebral column resection (VCR) is a well-known technique used for correction of complex spinal deformities. VCR could be done through a posterior only approach (Pvcr), or a combined anteroposterior approach,...

    Authors: Islam Sorour, Abdelrahman Magdy Elhabashy and Ahmed Abdelaziz Fayed
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:10
  32. Medical workflow is defined as task, process and medical staff working together in a specialized multidisciplinary team to deliver proper healthcare and achieve patient satisfaction with good patient experienc...

    Authors: Mohamed Reda Rady
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:8
  33. Scintillating scotoma caused by optic nerve compression by aneurysm is rare. We report a case of scintillating scotoma following optic nerve compression caused by an unruptured anterior communicating artery an...

    Authors: Megumi Matsuda, Takeo Murahashi, Yusuke Nakagaki, Hideki Endo and Youichi Nakagaki
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:9
  34. Paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity (PSH) may occur after acquired brain injury. The clinical presentation of PSH results from increased sympathetic overdrive, including transient paroxysms of tachycardia, hy...

    Authors: Kyohei Sakai, Takehiro Kitagawa, Kohei Suzuki, Keita Toh and Junkoh Yamamoto
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:7
  35. Post discectomy discitis is regarded as the most disabling cause of failed back surgery. Value of local intra-operative application of antibiotics in prevention of such complication has been a matter of debate...

    Authors: Ahmed Alawamry, Mansour AbdelMageed Makia and Mohamed Ahmed Samir
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:5
  36. Plasmacytomas of the skull base are not commonly encountered in clinical practice, with few reported cases in the literature. They form part of the spectrum of plasma cell neoplasms and are classified as a sol...

    Authors: Panduranga Seetahal-Maraj, Patrick Knight and Narindra Ramnarine
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:4
  37. Because of the continuing practice variation regarding the extent of glioblastoma (GBM) resection, we sought to systematically examine the recent literature to evaluate the impact of the extent of resection of...

    Authors: Mohamed A. R. AbdelFatah, Ali Kotb, Mohamed Ahmed Said and Emad M. H. Abouelmaaty
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:3
  38. Surgical site infections (SSI) represent a burden on the health care system especially in developing countries with significant morbidity and mortality. In Egypt, especially in our institution, there is no reg...

    Authors: Assem Mouneir Abdel-Latif, Amira A. Moharram, Ahmed Higazy, Nehal I. Ghoneim, Omnia Shafei, Salma G. Abdelhady, Ghadeer Assal and Aly Ibrahim
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:2
  39. Post-traumatic epilepsy is a devastating complication of traumatic brain injury that has no targeted pharmacological therapy. Previous literature has explored the role of the c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) path...

    Authors: Coulter Small, Abeer Dagra, Melanie Martinez, Eric Williams and Brandon Lucke-Wold
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:1
  40. Melanoma is a disease in which the patient doesn’t know about the primary lesion, and it has a propensity to metastases to any organ in the human body. Amongst melanoma, leptomeningeal metastasis has the least...

    Authors: Pawan Yadav, Govind Mangal, Uday Bhaumik, Sanjeev Agarwal, Poojan Thakor and Vaibhav Lakhanpal
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:35

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