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  1. Non-missile impalement spine injuries are quite uncommon. Most of these patients either present with impaling agent in situ or with a part of retained offending agent. Both the scenarios present unique managem...

    Authors: Hardik Lalit Siroya, Mohit Juneja, Anirudh J. Rao, Sonal Chauhan, Dhananjaya Ishwar Bhat and Bhagavatula Indira Devi
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:22
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have significantly altered many aspects of the health care services. We investigated the impact of the restrictive measures during the pandemic on the volume a...

    Authors: Mohamed Nabil, Mohammed Dorrah, Asmaa Sharfeldin and Hassan Abaza
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:23
  3. In recent years, smaller-sized (diameter < 2.5 cm) meningiomas are diagnosed due to increased cranial imaging. Symptomatic meningiomas need to be removed surgically. Therefore, it is extremely important to loc...

    Authors: Rui Zhang, Serdar Alpdogan, Shiqi Kong and Sajjad Muhammad
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:18
  4. The proper decompression for hemicraniectomy depends on intraoperative surgical technique, so the skin incision, on the other hand, is an important variable throughout hemicraniectomy, and there are a variety ...

    Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Eltabl, Ahmed Shawki Ammar and Dalia Salah Saif
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:16
  5. Degeneration of the central nervous system (CNS), also known as neurodegeneration, describes an age-associated progressive loss of the structure and function of neuronal materials, leading to functional and me...

    Authors: Lourdes Hanna, Edward Poluyi, Chibuikem Ikwuegbuenyi, Eghosa Morgan and Grace Imaguezegie
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:15
  6. Spinal metastases are a classic complication of lung cancer. New palliative treatment modalities have emerged. Among them are minimally invasive approaches such as balloon kyphoplasty. With the aim of evaluati...

    Authors: Mohameth Faye, Louncény Fatoumata Barry, El Hadji Cheikh Ndiaye Sy, Jean-Marc Kaya, Moussa Diallo, Roger Mulumba Ilunga, Daouda Wague, Yakhya Cisse, Izoudine Blaise Koumare and Pierre Hugues Roche
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:13
  7. Posterior fossa malformations are less common than supratentorial malformations, but hemorrhages in posterior fossa are more serious due to presence of vital structures within this region. Most common cause of...

    Authors: S. Vignesh, Surya Nandan Prasad, Vivek Singh, Zafar Neyaz, R. V. Phadke, Anant Mehrotra and Prabhakar Mishra
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:12
  8. Congenital spinal pedicle agenesis is rare. The majority of cases are asymptomatic. Few present with either low back pain or radiculopathy. Pedicle screw insertion may pose difficulties in view of abnormal ana...

    Authors: Bharat Dave, Devanand Degulmadi, Ajay Krishnan, Shivanand Mayi, RaviRanjan Rai, Aditya Raj and Umesh Meena
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:11
  9. Vertebral column resection (VCR) is a well-known technique used for correction of complex spinal deformities. VCR could be done through a posterior only approach (Pvcr), or a combined anteroposterior approach,...

    Authors: Islam Sorour, Abdelrahman Magdy Elhabashy and Ahmed Abdelaziz Fayed
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:10
  10. Medical workflow is defined as task, process and medical staff working together in a specialized multidisciplinary team to deliver proper healthcare and achieve patient satisfaction with good patient experienc...

    Authors: Mohamed Reda Rady
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:8
  11. Scintillating scotoma caused by optic nerve compression by aneurysm is rare. We report a case of scintillating scotoma following optic nerve compression caused by an unruptured anterior communicating artery an...

    Authors: Megumi Matsuda, Takeo Murahashi, Yusuke Nakagaki, Hideki Endo and Youichi Nakagaki
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:9
  12. Paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity (PSH) may occur after acquired brain injury. The clinical presentation of PSH results from increased sympathetic overdrive, including transient paroxysms of tachycardia, hy...

    Authors: Kyohei Sakai, Takehiro Kitagawa, Kohei Suzuki, Keita Toh and Junkoh Yamamoto
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:7
  13. Post discectomy discitis is regarded as the most disabling cause of failed back surgery. Value of local intra-operative application of antibiotics in prevention of such complication has been a matter of debate...

    Authors: Ahmed Alawamry, Mansour AbdelMageed Makia and Mohamed Ahmed Samir
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:5
  14. Plasmacytomas of the skull base are not commonly encountered in clinical practice, with few reported cases in the literature. They form part of the spectrum of plasma cell neoplasms and are classified as a sol...

    Authors: Panduranga Seetahal-Maraj, Patrick Knight and Narindra Ramnarine
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:4
  15. Because of the continuing practice variation regarding the extent of glioblastoma (GBM) resection, we sought to systematically examine the recent literature to evaluate the impact of the extent of resection of...

    Authors: Mohamed A. R. AbdelFatah, Ali Kotb, Mohamed Ahmed Said and Emad M. H. Abouelmaaty
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:3
  16. Surgical site infections (SSI) represent a burden on the health care system especially in developing countries with significant morbidity and mortality. In Egypt, especially in our institution, there is no reg...

    Authors: Assem Mouneir Abdel-Latif, Amira A. Moharram, Ahmed Higazy, Nehal I. Ghoneim, Omnia Shafei, Salma G. Abdelhady, Ghadeer Assal and Aly Ibrahim
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:2
  17. Post-traumatic epilepsy is a devastating complication of traumatic brain injury that has no targeted pharmacological therapy. Previous literature has explored the role of the c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) path...

    Authors: Coulter Small, Abeer Dagra, Melanie Martinez, Eric Williams and Brandon Lucke-Wold
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2022 37:1
  18. Melanoma is a disease in which the patient doesn’t know about the primary lesion, and it has a propensity to metastases to any organ in the human body. Amongst melanoma, leptomeningeal metastasis has the least...

    Authors: Pawan Yadav, Govind Mangal, Uday Bhaumik, Sanjeev Agarwal, Poojan Thakor and Vaibhav Lakhanpal
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:35
  19. Brain tumors in the first years of life are frequently encountered recently with the advancement in neuroimaging, neurosurgery and neuroanethesia where early diagnosis of these lesions became available even be...

    Authors: Abdelrhman Enayet
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:33
  20. The first line of treatment of Cushing’s disease (CD) is surgery. However, surgical resection is not amenable in all cases and the role of radiosurgical management of residual tumors or upfront treatment has b...

    Authors: Ignatius N. Esene, Tarek Elserry, Hesham Radwan and Ahmad Mohammed Elsabaa
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:43
  21. Subdural spinal cord hematomas are very rare condition. They most often occur in patients with primary or secondary blood haemostasis disorders and following lumbar punctures. Early diagnosis and management pr...

    Authors: Moussa Denou, Nourou Dine Adeniran Bankole, Mustapha Hamama, Nizare El Fatemi and Moulay Rachid El Maaqili
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:42
  22. Osteochondromas are a benign outgrowth of bone and cartilage and one of the most common bone tumors that usually occur in long bones, with only 1–4% being located in the spine, more frequently in the cervical ...

    Authors: Mohamed Abdel Zaher, Mohammad Ali Alzohiry, Amr A. Fadle, Ahmed A. Khalifa and Omar Refai
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:30
  23. Thoracolumbar fractures represent a widespread injuries that can cause significant disability and strain the healthcare system. Different surgical approaches are described in the literature. This study was con...

    Authors: Ali R. Hamdan, Radwan Nouby Mahmoud, Ahmed G. Tammam and Eslam El-Sayed El-Khateeb
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:41
  24. Lumbar canal stenosis (LCS) is a degenerative spinal disease of elderly people, and it not only impairs the mechanical activity but also alters the economic and mental status of the patients indirectly.

    Authors: Ajay Kumar Singh, Prashant Raj Singh, Tarun Kumar Pandey, Ankur Kumar and Abhay Kumar Agarwal
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:31
  25. Lhermitte and Duclos first described the dysplastic gangliocytoma of the cerebellum in 1920. In the last 100 years, its clinical presentation, radiological features, pathological characteristics, and associati...

    Authors: Sanjeev Kumar, Debabrata Sahana, Amit Jain, Lavlesh Rathore, Manish Tawari, Jatinder Mittal and Rajiv Sahu
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:40
  26. Cavernous hemangiomas are benign vascular malformations, probably representing the most common intraorbital and intraconal tumors in the adult population.

    Authors: Simone Ulivieri, Davide Luglietto, Matteo Ulivieri and Antonio Giorgio
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:29
  27. Glioblastoma multiform with primitive neuronal component (GBM-PNC) has been recently defined as a rare variant of glioblastoma multiform (GBM), which shows characteristically pathological pattern of less diffe...

    Authors: Santiago Valbuena, Alejandro Ortega, Macarena Centeno and Jordi Manuel Rimbau
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:37
  28. Ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion is widely used in the treatment of different kinds of hydrocephalus. Shunt failure is one of the most common complications; however complete intracranial shunt migration is...

    Authors: Hammad Mehtab, Ahtesham Khizar, Soha Zahid, Sameer Saleem Tebha and Maha Irfan
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:34
  29. Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) continues to be a condition that carries high rates of morbidity, mortality, and disability around the world. One of its complications is neurogenic pulmonary edema (NPE), which i...

    Authors: Ivan David Lozada-Martínez, María Manuela Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Jenny Ospina-Rios, Michael Gregorio Ortega-Sierra, Mauro Antonio González-Herazo, Lina Marcela Ortiz-Roncallo, Rafael Martínez-Imbett, Andrés Elías Llamas-Nieves, Tariq Janjua and Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:27
  30. Incidental durotomy (ID) during lumbar spine surgery is a frequent complication of lumbar spine surgical procedures. Many surgical techniques were described in literature for repair of durotomy, however it is ...

    Authors: Mansour A. Makia, Ahmed Alawamry and Ahmad M. Elsharkawy
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:26
  31. Endovascular coiling has gained worldwide acceptance in the management of intracranial aneurysms. However, not all aneurysms can be coiled. Direct aneurysm puncture with aneurysm thrombosis has been performed,...

    Authors: Arun Angelo Patil, Deepak Kumar Pandey, Sidhartha Kumar, Ashis Chand and Megha Jacob
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:23
  32. Achieving hemostasis during neurosurgical procedures within deep seated tumors is of paramount importance. Chemical methods like using ORC and gel foam are preferred to bipolar cautery as bipolar cautery cause...

    Authors: Venkatesan Sanjeevi and V. R. Roopesh Kumar
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:22
  33. The association of cervical osteomyelitis with epidural abscess is extremely rare; atypical symptomatology is what makes diagnosing and management challenging. This case is the sixth case reported in the liter...

    Authors: Hamid Khay, Salvatore Chibbaro, Younes Dehneh, Helene Cebula and François Proust
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:36
  34. Hospital-based cancer registries can provide information on the magnitude and distribution of cancers in a given hospital. Hospital-based brain tumor registry data, focusing on glioma, from a tertiary care rur...

    Authors: Suyash Singh, Harsh Deora, Azfar Neyaz, Kuntal Kanti Das, Anant Mehrotra, Arun Kumar Srivastava, Sanjay Behari, Awadhesh Kumar Jaiswal and Sushila Jaiswal
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:32
  35. Aneurysm of vein of Galen is a rare congenital arteriovenous malformation. Clinical manifestations depend on the age of discovery. Endovascular embolization is currently the treatment of choice. This technique...

    Authors: Louncény Fatoumata Barry, Yakhya Cisse, Mohameth Faye, Mouhamadou Moustapha Ndongo, Mhaks Malangu, Amidou Adjamou, Momar Codé Ba and Seydou Boubakar Badiane
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:18
  36. Indocyanine green (ICG) is a near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent dye. After intravenous injection, it reaches the vessels of the brain within 30 s. A real-time visualization of the cerebral vasculature is possible.

    Authors: K. Kaiser, M. Nayil, A. Ramzan, S. Sarbjit, W. Abrar, A. Sajad and A. Rashid
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2021 36:19

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