Guidance for authors

If you are considering submitting to Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery, we ask that you are familiar with our Submission Guidelines before you submit your manuscript. Please pay particular attention to the Preparing Your Manuscript section, which details the style and formatting information for the article you are going to submit.

Aims and scope

Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery (EJNS), the official publication of the Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons, is a peer-reviewed, open access online journal publishing articles in the field of the neurosciences. The journal explores theories and techniques related to the neurosciences and practice of contemporary neurosurgery. 

The broad scope of the journal can be extended to those interested in topics from the spine to skull base conditions, rhinology and craniofacial conditions, as well as pediatric oncology, neuro-radiology and traumatology. 

The journal welcomes submissions from authors with diverse clinical and scientific interests provided that the article has a relevance to the neurosciences and practice of contemporary neurosurgery, in its widest sense.  

The ultimate aim of the journal, is the regional and international coverage and exchange of knowledge in the African continent as well as internationally, exposing the available experience and vast service being delivered to standardise the practice of neurosurgery, improve the level of performance and enhance scientific research in the field.
Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery is accepting submissions and will publish its first articles soon.

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Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery is now accepting submissions; please use the online submission system to submit your manuscript. For all enquiries about the journal please contact:

Upcoming Event: 3rd Cairo Greifswald Neurosurgery Meeting

3rd Cairo Greifswald Neurosurgery MeetingThe 3rd joint Cairo-Greifswald Neurosurgery Meeting will take place in Cairo, Egypt, from the 4th-6th December 2017. The Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery, Professor Ahmed Zohdi, is also the Course President and will be attending the meeting. This exciting and unique collaboration between the Universities of Cairo and Greifswald began five years ago and is supported by the Egyptian Society of Neurosurgeons. For more information on the event, please visit the Cairo-Greifswald Meeting website.