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A note of thanks

At the end of this remarkable year, I wish to express my sincere gratitude, also on behalf of the other editors, the members of the editorial board and the publisher of the Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery, to the referees of the articles considered for the 2021 volume of EJNS. Hundreds of busy colleagues have spent their time in assessing close to 112 manuscripts submitted to our Journal, up from around 96 in 2020, in selecting the ones that may possibly be published, and in improving the quality of the selected articles. Many of the reviewers have helped us in the past years as well, and we are tremendously appreciative and grateful to them. It is largely thanks to them that EJNS is doing well in attracting and publishing valuable contributions on spine to skull base conditions, rhinology and craniofacial conditions, as well as pediatric oncology, neuro-radiology and traumatology.

Mahmoud Abbassy

Tarek Abd Wahab Rayan

Walid Abdel Ghany

Mohamed AbdelFatah

Ali Abou-Madawi

Amit Agrawal

Ashraf Al Abyad

Azmi Alias

Nii Andrews

Mostafa Atteya

Mohamad Heshmat Ayad

Basim Ayoub

Waleed Azab

Hemant Kumar Beniwal

Martin Bettag

Mohamed El Fiki

Roshdi El Khayat

Ehab El Refaee

Khaled El-Bahy

Mohamed Elbeltagy

Elgohary Elgohary

Hossam Elnoamany

Radwan El-Nubi

Waleed Elsa’adany

Hassan El-Shafei

Nagi Elwani

ahmed emarra

Abdelrhman Enayet

Ignatius Esene

Sherif Ezzat

Alaa Fakhr

Omar Falaky

Ashraf Farid

Ahmed Hegazy

Yoshinori Higuchi

Luxwell Jokonya

Kazadi Kalangu

Eslam Kandil

Adham Khalafallah

Ali Kotb

Mostafa Kotb

Christopher Loftus

Nabil Mansour

Rajneesh Misra

Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar

Venkataramana Nk

Mahmood Qureshi

Luis Rafael Moscote Salazar

Venkata Ramana

Klaus Resch

Ahmed Rizk

Mohamed Salama

Samer Samy

Henry Schroeder

Zaki Seddik

Abd-Elhafiz Shehab-Eldien

Hisham Simary

Ahmed Sultan

Nikolaos Syrmos

Mohamed Thabit

Andreas Unterberg

Abdel Wahab Ibrahim

Eka Wahjoepramono

Omar Y. Hammad

Mehmet Zileli

Ahmed Zohdi

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