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Table 1 Reported cases of subdural hematoma following insertion of an intra-thecal drug delivery system

From: Bilateral, sub-acute subdural hematoma following intra-thecal baclofen pump insertion: case report and literature review

Author/year Age/sex Type of IT-DDS SDH Rx CSF leak Rx IT-DDS preservation Outcome
Velarde et al. [12] 58/M IT-morphine pump Conservative Epidural blood patch Yes Good
Lad et al. [5] 62/F IT-baclofen pump Evacuation Epidural blood patch Yes Good
Magro et al. [6] 41/F IT-baclofen pump Evacuation N/A Yes Good
Srinivasan et al. [13] 39/M IT-morphine pump Evacuation Epidural blood patch Removed Good
Current case 45/M IT-baclofen pump Evacuation Surgical repair Yes Good
  1. CSF cerebrospinal fluid, F female, IT intra-thecal, IT-DDS intra-thecal drug delivery system, M male, N/A not applicable, Rx treatment, SDH subdural hematoma