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  1. Thoracic and lumbar fractures represent nearly 90% of traumatic spine injuries. Thoracolumbar region is susceptible to injury because of its location between the stiff kyphotic thoracic spine and the mobile lo...

    Authors: Ahmed M. Sallam, Walid A. Abdel Ghany, Ali Kotb Ali, Mohamed A. Habib, Ahmed F. Toubar, Mohamed S. Kabil, Ahmed Abdel Barr Salem, Sherif H. Abouzeid Mourad and Mohamed A. Nada
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:11

    The Publisher Correction to this article has been published in Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:20

  2. Cerebellar contusion accounts for 0.54% of traumatic brain injuries. They present with a variety of symptoms like ataxia, dysmetria, dysdiadokinesia, and vertigo. CT scan is the gold standard investigation for...

    Authors: Gohar Javed, Sanaullah Bashir and Yousuf ul Islam
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:6
  3. Ventriculoperitoneal shunt malpositions are known complications which tend to increase the morbidity and recovery time of an elegant procedure. Distal malpositions into subcutaneous space due to improper closu...

    Authors: Harsh Deora, Anil Sharma, K. V. L. N. Rao, Sampath Somanna and Vikas V
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:9
  4. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is the principal alternative to microsurgical resection for acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannomas). However; its increasing use worldwide and evolution of Gamma Knife device precis...

    Authors: Moneer K. Faraj, Anwer N. Hafidh and Alhasan Abdul Rahim Taresh
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:5
  5. Chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) is a common situation in neurosurgical practice. Only a few studies had mentioned the opening of the inner membrane during the burr-hole evacuation of a CSDH. This study was de...

    Authors: Ahmad Elsayed Desoukey Elayouty and Mohamed AbdelRahman AbdelFatah
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:4
  6. The concept of generous decompression, including resection of the posterior longitudinal ligament (PLL) and even partial bilateral uncovertebral joint resection, has been adopted by some authors. This was just...

    Authors: Ahmad Elsayed Desoukey Elayouty, Hazem Antar Mashaly and Hatem Adel Sabry
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:3
  7. Embryologically, the internal carotid artery (ICA) is comprised of seven segments, any of which may be absent. We presented a very rare case of a well-preserved persistent primitive trigeminal artery (PTA), se...

    Authors: Kenyu Hayashi, Akihito Hashiguchi, Koichi Moroki, Hajime Tokuda and Shigetoshi Yano
    Citation: Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery 2018 33:1

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