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Table 2 Brain landmarks by intraoperative ultrasound

From: Demonstrative study of brain anatomical landmarks by intraoperative ultrasound imaging

Brain landmark Echogenicity according to Gray-white scale in relation to brain tissues Description
Ventricles Homogeneous hypo-echogenic Centrally located
Choroid plexus Homogeneous hyper-echogenic Ribbon shape inside the ventricles
Septum pellucidum Homogeneous hyper-echogenic Thick continuous line
Sulci Heterogeneous hyper-echogenic Small irregular dipping lines
Cistern Heterogeneous hyper-echogenic Lined and marginated cavity
Inter-hemispheric fissure Heterogeneous hyper-echogenic Large continuous thick line with side branching
Falx cerebri Homogeneous hyper-echogenic Thick continuous line may be shifted by mass effect
Tentorium cerebelli Homogenous hyper-echogenic Thick continuous line
Brain tissues Homogeneous iso-echogenic Difficult to delineate white from gray matters
Brain stem Heterogeneous hyper-echogenic or hypo-echogenic Rectangular in shape
Skull Homogeneous hyper-echogenic Thick continuous line
Edematous brain Heterogeneous hyper-echogenic or hypo-echogenic According to severity, more hypo-echogenic with tense edema